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Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women


The Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women is an organization of women Democrat activists in Tennessee in support of the National Federation of Democratic Women. Our Democratic Women activists strongly support the Democratic Party agenda on the local, state, and nation levels.

Women Democrats support issues and causes related to feminism, civil rights, labor, healthcare, government transparency, education, technology and the environment. We actively participate online and in our communities to guard, educate and activate to make sure that individual rights are protected, equality is maintained, and bigotry doesn't win. We work to support Democrat candidates seeking to run for office, and we support Democrats that are currently in office.
The state chapter of the Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women is divided into three Grand Divisions: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and West Tennessee. Each grand division has county chapters headed by club presidents. Every socially conscious individual, especially women, are encouraged to be active in their community, as big change often starts with a little change.

If there is not a local chapter in your respective counties, or if there are any questions, please message us, or one of our supporting pages on Facebook and twitter. Our websites/pages are monitored 24/7, in some instances. Serious inquiries WILL be responded to at the earliest opportunity. We will be more than happy to answer your questions about the Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women, direct you to the appropriate person to answer any questions you may have about the National Federation of Democratic Women, Tennessee voting, politics, the Tennessee Democrat Party, National Democratic Party and/or future Democratic Party candidates seeking the presidency of the United States when applicable. Just click on the CONTACT button, we'd love to hear from you!

On behalf of Glenda Faye Carter, Federation President ,Our Executive Board, and all of our valued members

The Jean Livingston
Memorial Fund
Anna Belle Clement O'Brien Scholarship Fund

Thank you, for your continued support. Through your contributions, we are truly making a difference.

NFDW Intern Scholarship Award

In Support Of Democratic Women Candidates Seeking Office on  the State and Federal Level

 "A Woman's place is in the House, and the Senate"

Anna Belle Clement O'Brien

For more information, contact:

Khristy Wilkinson

TFDW Treasurer 

        ~ TFDW wave of women ~

  Blue Wave 2018~   The Blue Wave was real. Democrats now control the United States House of Representatives! Democrats elected women in record numbers. 

The Trump administration is forcing children as young as toddlers to represent themselves in immigration courts.

Lawrence County Democratic Women, Welcome back! We are so very happy to have you back in the fold of the Tennessee Federation Of Democratic Women. Together, there is nothing we can't accomplish working TOGETHER!

 Federation sisters,

Thank you! My feedback is that everyone enjoyed our National Federation Of Democratic Women Southern Regional Conference which was hosted by the Tennessee Federation Of Democratic Women.

We were so pleased that there were Federation sisters present from thirteen of the fifteen states that make up the Southern Region of the National Federation of Democratic Women.

I humbly thank NFDW President, Susanna French, and NFDW Southern Regional Director, Barbara Faison for their trust and confidence entrusted in me and our Executive Board to get the job done. I must also thank them for all of their help, as well.

Our Middle Tennessee Vice President, Mary Linden Salter, did an outstanding job with the Conference program book, the hotel, the menu, the decorations, securing two of our great guest speakers, TN State Representative, Sherry Jones, and Nashville and Davidson County Metro Council member, Fabian Bedne. Mary assisted with anything else I asked her to do, thank you.

Haywood County Club President, Leslie Bond, our TFDW Ways and Means Chair, thank you, for a job well done. To those who assisted Leslie, Former Federation President, Peggy Monroe, TFDW West TN Vice President, Telise Turner, TFDW Tresurer, Khristy Wilkinson, TFDW Recording Secretary, Kim Walker, and anyone else I may have missed. That, of course, include all of those who support us by donating, and purchasing items.

Thank you, TFDW Recording Secretary, Kim Walker, TFDW Treasurer, Khristy Wilkinson, TFDW Former Federation President, Peggy Monroe for assisting with Registration. Thank you, to our TFDW Corresponding Secretary, Stephanie Phillips, good job, putting together the Conference announcement on our website.

Thank you, TFDW members Barbara Brown Beeman,  Montgomery County Democratic Women, TFDW West Tn Vice President, Telise Turner, for the great job you all did with the Tennessee Yellow Rose Society and 19th Amendment Re-enactment 

Thank you, to our Southern Regional Director, Barbara Faison, for a very informative productive Conference. Thank you, Southern Regional Conference members for your fellowship, your shared insight, great reports. We are inspired!

Thank you, to our Tennessee Democratic Party Chair, Mary Mancini, for serving as our guest speaker. We are indeed "Fired-up, ready to go!"

Glenda F. Carter,

TFDW President

Nancy Pelosi after Democrats take House: "Tomorrow will be a new day in America"

2017 President's Award recipient

Hardin County Democratic Women

Thank you ALL, for ALL you do.

May your Holiday season be joyous,

and filled with love.

Glenda F. Carter, 

TFDW  President

NFDW Southern Regional Conference


Registration/Meet and greet

Hor d'oeurvres

NFDW Southern Regional Conference


TNDP Chair, Mary Mancini

NFDW Southern Regional Conference


Franklin, TN

    TFDW Finance Committee

Federation sisters, I am pleased to announce the addition of a new TFDW Standing Committee, the finance committee. The Finance Committee chairs, are as follows:

              East Tennessee

Donna Guzman

Phone: 423-0237-2993


              Middle Tennessee

Karen Garner

Phone:  615-545-9182


              West Tennessee

Myra Stiles

Phone:  901-272-9182


I feel that this is going to be a good thing for our organization moving forward.

Glenda F. Carter,

TFDW President


NFDW Regional Conference attendees left to right, NFDW President, Susanna French, TFDW President, Glenda Carter, SRC President, Barbara Faison.