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Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women

You can register to vote online in TN. Get registered today: … #TNVotes You may also print the form located on the Vote page on this site and mail it in. There is no excuse not to VOTE!


The Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women is an organization of women Democrat activists in Tennessee in support of the National Federation of Democratic Women. Our Democratic Women activists strongly support the Democratic Party agenda on the local, state, and nation levels.

Women Democrats support issues and causes related to feminism, civil rights, labor, healthcare, government transparency, education, technology and the environment. We actively participate online and in our communities to guard, educate and activate to make sure that individual rights are protected, equality is maintained, and bigotry doesn't win. We work to support Democrat candidates seeking to run for office, and we support Democrats that are currently in office.
The state chapter of the Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women is divided into three Grand Divisions: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and West Tennessee. Each grand division has county chapters headed by club presidents. Every socially conscious individual, especially women, are encouraged to be active in their community, as big change often starts with a little change.

If there is not a local chapter in your respective counties, or if there are any questions, please message us, or one of our supporting pages on Facebook and twitter. Our websites/pages are monitored 24/7, in some instances. Serious inquiries WILL be responded to at the earliest opportunity. We will be more than happy to answer your questions about the Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women, direct you to the appropriate person to answer any questions you may have about the National Federation of Democratic Women, Tennessee voting, politics, the Tennessee Democrat Party, National Democratic Party and/or future Democratic Party candidates seeking the presidency of the United States when applicable. Just click on the CONTACT button, we'd love to hear from you!

On behalf of Glenda Faye Carter Federation President ,Our Executive Board And All Our Valued Members

The Jean Livingston
Memorial Fund
Anna Belle Clement O'Brien Scholarship Fund

Thank you, for your continued support. Through your contributions, we are truly making a difference.

NFDW Intern Scholarship Award

In Support Of Democratic Women Candidates Seeking Office on  the State and Federal Level

 "A Woman's place is in the House, and the Senate"

Anna Belle Clement O'Brien

For more information, contact:

Khristy Wilkinson

TFDW Treasurer 


I am delighted to announce that Attorney Amanda Powers, pictured (far Left) has volunteered to chair the TFDW Youth Outreach committee . Our youth are our future. Amanda's contact information:

Phone 931-636-7146


Update: I must commend Amanda on giving an excellent report at our Winter Board Meeting. Amanda, like so many others, is doing a great job, and taking her responsibility as chair, very seriously.

Thank you, for your hard work.


Glenda F. Carter, TFDW President

NFDW Regional Conference attendees left to right, NFDW President, Susanna French, TFDW President, Glenda Carter, SRC President, Barbara Faison.

Never in a million years would I have expected this. Thank you, Decatur County Democratic Women. This is  even more motivation to work, work, work for our great organization.  So humbled, and yes,  I shed a few tears in the privacy of my home.

Hilton Garden Inn 

1324 Vann Drive

Jackson, TN 38305

Phone: 731-868-3500

Click on Hotel pictures to make reservations 

April 20 - 21, 2018

Room rates will vary since our discounted rate of $129.00 expired on 03/29/2018. AARP discounts, as well as others honored discounts, may apply. The rooms are large. The hotel staff has gone above, and beyond, to work with us. It's a new hotel and we are their first convention.  

Conveniently located right off I-40. See you there!! 

    TFDW Finance Committee

Federation sisters, I am pleased to announce the addition of a new TFDW Standing Committee, the finance committee. The Finance Committee chairs, are as follows:

              East Tennessee

Donna Guzman

Phone: 423-0237-2993


              Middle Tennessee

Karen Garner

Phone:  615-545-9182


              West Tennessee

Myra Stiles

Phone:  901-272-9182


I feel that this is going to be a good thing for our organization moving forward.

Glenda F. Carter,

TFDW President


It's almost that time TFDW sisters,

           TFDW Convention 2018!!!

National Federation of Democratic Women

National Women In Blue Day

03/07/2018, Washington DC

~Women in Blue~



We are working hard for you, lots of guest speakers. What are you wearing? "Wave of Women", most waves are blue, hint, hint. But is you don't wear blue, we are DEMOCRATS. We are the "BLUE!"

We have a AWESOME convention planned for you. See you there!!! *Please see events page for very special announcements! Though two, are made with great sadness. ALL Tennessee Democratic Party Candidates seeking office, are welcome! Several are coming!!!!!! 

              ~ WAVE OF WOMEN~      Blue Wave 2018

We are honored to have as our Saturday Night Guest

~From the fighting 26~

Tennessee State Representative

 Raumesh Akbari 

We are deeply honored to have remarks from our                              National Federation President,

                        Susanna French *Click on picture

“If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.”

Where do I begin? Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women, thank you! Our honored guest speakers, you brought your "A" game, you ALL came, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. The Honor Guard, the candidates, the outstanding job done by the Garden Hilton staff, the money raised, our Vice-Mayor, Ernest Brooks III, even proclaimed TFDW Day in Jackson TN. The AD book looked like our old AD book used to look, good job Virgie! WTVP, Telise Turner received the Dr. Gwen McFarland award, and deservingly so. Miss Myra, Joyce, Civil, Natalie, and Carroll beautiful decorations, Peggy,Yalander, "Ways and Means" you did an outstanding  job! Mary, Jan, Ms. Boyd, Telise's "ride or die sister", ... " The TFDW Executive Board, NFDW President, Susanna French, TNDP Chair, Mary Mancini, Virginia Stackens Crump, State Representative Johnnie Turner,Maria Brewer,Tennessee State Representative Raumesh Akbari, "EVERYONE", Thank you! Below, is our 2018 Jean Livingston Memorial Fund Honorees for those, that could not be with us. *click on slide show, then go over and select "from beginning", *Working on the slide show, will get it going* 

Federation Sisters, Many of our Democratic Party candidates seeking office have asked to speaking at our Annual Convention. We are excited that our convention is almost upon us.

*On Friday night, we will dine together at the hotel. Also, Vann Drive has shopping, restaurants within walking distance. 

We are especially pleased and honored to welcome Tennessee Democratic Party Chair, Mary Mancini, to our 61st Annual convention!  *Click on picture

Ladies, we are so proud to inform you that Retiring Tennessee State Representative, Johnnie Turner, will be joining us at our 61ST Annual Convention. Representative Turner will be our Luncheon guest speaker. More biographical information is posted in events.  

Ms. Virginia Stackens Crump, motivational speaker, educator  extraordinaire, has graciously agreed to be our guest speaker at our 61st Annual Convention, Jean Livingston Memorial Fund program. Please see events for additional biographical information. We are thankful, and humbled to have Ms. Virginia Stackens Crump on our side. When we call, if possible, she is "always" there for us.

We are  always delighted to see Maria Brewer, TNDP Affairs, whether at Board Meetings, Conventions, she has been there as a member, and as a resource person. See biographical information in events.