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Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women


The Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women is an organization of women Democrat activists in Tennessee in support of the National Federation of Democratic Women. Our Democratic Women activists strongly support the Democratic Party agenda on the local, state, and nation levels.

Women Democrats support issues and causes related to feminism, civil rights, labor, healthcare, government transparency, education, technology and the environment. We actively participate online and in our communities to guard, educate and activate to make sure that individual rights are protected, equality is maintained, and bigotry doesn't win. We work to support Democrat candidates seeking to run for office, and we support Democrats that are currently in office.
The state chapter of the Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women is divided into three Grand Divisions: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and West Tennessee. Each grand division has county chapters headed by club presidents. Every socially conscious individual, especially women, are encouraged to be active in their community, as big change often starts with a little change.

If there is not a local chapter in your respective counties, or if there are any questions, please message us, or one of our supporting pages on Facebook and twitter. Our websites/pages are monitored 24/7, in some instances. Serious inquiries WILL be responded to at the earliest opportunity. We will be more than happy to answer your questions about the Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women, direct you to the appropriate person to answer any questions you may have about the National Federation of Democratic Women, Tennessee voting, politics, the Tennessee Democrat Party, National Democratic Party and/or future Democratic Party candidates seeking the presidency of the United States when applicable. Just click on the CONTACT button, we'd love to hear from you!

On behalf of Glenda Faye Carter Federation President ,Our Executive Board And All Our Valued Members we extend our condolences to the family of the late Senator John McCain.

The Jean Livingston
Memorial Fund
Anna Belle Clement O'Brien Scholarship Fund

Thank you, for your continued support. Through your contributions, we are truly making a difference.

NFDW Intern Scholarship Award

In Support Of Democratic Women Candidates Seeking Office on  the State and Federal Level

 "A Woman's place is in the House, and the Senate"

Anna Belle Clement O'Brien

For more information, contact:

Khristy Wilkinson

TFDW Treasurer 

    TFDW Finance Committee

Federation sisters, I am pleased to announce the addition of a new TFDW Standing Committee, the finance committee. The Finance Committee chairs, are as follows:

              East Tennessee

Donna Guzman

Phone: 423-0237-2993


              Middle Tennessee

Karen Garner

Phone:  615-545-9182


              West Tennessee

Myra Stiles

Phone:  901-272-9182


I feel that this is going to be a good thing for our organization moving forward.

Glenda F. Carter,

TFDW President


        ~ TFDW wave of women ~

  Blue Wave 2018

TFDW'S Peggy Monroe

Presenting the

Humanitarian Award

NFDW Convention 2018

This is happening in our great country. Federation sisters, as you know, America is better than this. Please focus your clubs on REGISTERING, and encouraging our young people to VOTE!

Federation sisters, I reconnected with Dr. Charlotte Staggs on June 30, 2018 at a fundraiser in Hickman County.  Sisters, Dr. Staggs is coming back!

Those of you that remember her, know what an asset she was to our great organization. We are working, we are reaching out, and together, we will continue making a difference, TOGETHER.

Welcome back!, Dr. Staggs.

TFDW President, Glenda Carter

The Trump administration is forcing children as young as toddlers to represent themselves in immigration courts.

Federation sisters, as Tennessee Republicans seeking office attempt to use "smoke and mirrors, along with "buzz words" like Nancy Pelosi, this is the reality facing hard working TENNESSEE Farmers. Nancy Pelosi didn't do this, Donald Trump and the Republican Party did.

Spread the word, that The Tennessee Democratic Party has good candidates seeking office. Their focus is on the hard working people of Tennessee. *Please watch video below.

The Tennessee legislature has $29 million in funds specifically set aside for improvements to election security -- but chose to do nothing to protect our votes.  #BlueWave2018

NFDW Regional Conference attendees left to right, NFDW President, Susanna French, TFDW President, Glenda Carter, SRC President, Barbara Faison.

Joe Trotter,(c) President of the Humphrey County Democratic Women's Club just called me very excited! Their club was installed in March of this year. President Trotter was excited because their club had just received a check  anonymously from a donor in Virginia. The donor, is someone that has been following their club on Face book! The donor was impressed by how hard they are working, and decided to make a donation.

Ladies, we as Democratic Women Activists may sometimes feel that no one is listening, or appreciate our hard work and best efforts, keep working! You never know who is watching, or how deeply your Club's work is appreciated. Thank you, Humphrey County for your hard work on behalf of your county, The Tennessee Democratic Party, and The Federation of Democratic Women.

Glenda F. Carter, TFDW President

Please watch the video below, The states are listed in alphabetical order. Tennessee is there! NFDW President, Susanne French, and I share a good supportive relationship. We are both honored to serve as President of our respective organizations.

Words matter, we cast our ballots based upon spoken "words." Hold them accountable! Republicans seeking office across the nation are all tying themselves to President Trump. Let's take a look at President Trump's poorly thought out tariff implementation plan on China. A poorly thought out plan that has hurt American farmers, and required a twelve billion dollar emergency bailout which is in fact, a bandaid

Our awesome TN Federation of Democratic Woman president Glenda Carter was re-elected to another term. Congratulations!

**My sister, saw the above tweet on twitter.^^^^^

TNDP Chair, Mary Mancini, has been so supportive of me and our organization. I'm so grateful, so humbled. I am also very proud that she is "one of us!"

TNDP Chair, Mary Mancini (L) pictured with TFDW President, Glenda F. Carter

Federation sisters, I, like many of you,

am the daughter, the sister, the niece, the Auntie, the cousin, the grandchild of American Veterans. I couldn't believe the words spoken by our President this morning on foreign soil with Russian President, Vladimir Putin.  TNDP Chair, Mary Mancini said it best in the comment below. To our own Federation sisters that have, and continue to serve our great country, Wanda Bruce Graham, and TFDW West TN Vice President, Telise Turner, come to mind, your service was not in vain. We will rise, above and beyond Donald J. Trump.


So much for the walk back. The troubling reality is that President Trump trusts Vladimir Putin more than the dedicated men and women serving in America’s intelligence services.

H/T NFDW WEBSITE Please click on the Icon to read the article

House Democrats pick new slogan ahead of


"For the people"

Click picture above to read article

Democratic Women, this is our moment!  Four (4 ) million young people became eligible to VOTE this year! We MUST "seize the moment!" by registering them to VOTE!! We must educate them to the fact that  if they don't vote, they have no voice. Tell them who we are.  Inform them the Democratic Party is, and will continue to be, "For the people." We must stress to them that EVERY ELECTION COUNT ! Are registered DEMOCRATS in your county voting? Early voting is happening now!!

New voters, feel free to visit our Vote page for "The KNOWLEGDE" What we have done for our great nation over the years. We are                                          For the people!

His fear is greater than his love for this country. “His fear, according to one of his closest that any admission of even an unsuccessful Russian attempt to influence the 2016 vote raises questions about the legitimacy of his presidency.”

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                         What IDs are acceptable?

Any of the following IDs may be used, even if expired:

Tennessee driver license with your photo

United States Passport

Photo ID issued by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security

Photo ID issued by the federal or Tennessee state governmentUnited States Military photo IDTennessee handgun carry permit with your photo

Russian intelligence operatives attempted to hack into the online accounts of staffers on three congressional campaigns in the upcoming midterm elections, a Microsoft executive said (Yet "this" happening. Who's side are tEven while knowing this? Russian intelligence operatives attempted to hack into the online accounts of staffers on three congressional campaigns in the upcoming midterm elections, a Microsoft executive said. Who's side are the Republicans in Washington and Tennessee on?) Click image below to access the article.




To ALL of our Democrats that were elected on 08/02/2018, congratulations, but as you already know,  there were no losers. We are all Democrats. 

Now, the real work begins as we reposition ourselves to fight for the soul of our State, and our out country.

Thank you, Federation sisters for ALL of your hard work on behalf of our great organization and the Tennessee Democratic Party.

Lots of good things are going on. We now have a club in Lawrenceburg Tennessee among OTHERS. We will be updating information on the site over the next few days.